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10 Weird Ways to Lose Weight

A thin joggler is a fast joggler.  Here are a few wacky tips that might help you shed a few pounds. 

10 Wacky Ways to Lose Weight

1.  Toothpaste Diet – According to them you can lose weight by brushing your teeth right after you eat.
2.  Gross yourself out – If you keep eating when you’re full, they suggest doing things to make yourself lose your appetite.  Like putting your silverware handles into your food.
3.  Purge yourself –  Get rid of all the junk food in your house.
4.  Eat cake – If you make cake, substitute applesauce for the oil or butter?
5.  Squeeze into your fat clothes
6.  Laugh – If you laugh, you won’t be as hungry?
7.  Fidget – Research has shown people who fidget can lose weight.  Start fidgeting.
8.  Smaller plates – Get rid of your big plates and use small ones.  You’ll eat less.
9.  Exercise during commercials – Whenever a commercial comes on do pushups or situps. 
10.  Drink water – It has zero calories.

For more details, check out this post on Lifescript.

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