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People often ask me if I invented joggling. Of course, not!   I independently “discovered” it, but people have probably been joggling for as long as juggling has been around. Joggling actually has a number of participants as evidenced by the following interviews. We’ll add more as we get more interviews. If you are interested in telling your joggling story, please contact me at thejoggler(at)

June 2007 : Dana Lee Ling – The professor of joggling.

July 2007: Michal Kapral – The World’s Fastest Marathon Joggler

July 2007: Travis Saunders – Speedy Joggler and Entertainer Extraordinaire.

October 2007: Jonas Eberlein – World Traveling Adventure Joggler

October 2007: Barry Goldmeier- The Amazing 5-ball Marathon Joggler

October 2007: Anders Kierulf – Master Joggler.

November 2007: Lenny Ferman – Track Runner Turned Joggler.

November 2007: Tyler Wishau – Joggling Challenger for a World Record

December 2007: Bill Coad – Entertainer Business Owner and Joggler

December 2007: Brad Alsop – Marathoning Machine and Occasional Joggler

February 2008: Matt Feldman – A Speedy Joggling Advocate

March 2008: Alex Tijerina – Juggler Turned Joggler

April 2008: Bruce Foreman – The Hong Kong Joggler

May 2008: Timothy Perram – Physics and Joggling in California

May 2008: Kurt Siefken – Treadmill Inspired Joggler

June 2008:  David Livingston – Endurance joggler

July 2008: Danny Tomaro – Bored Runner Turned Joggler

August 2008: Gus Tate – Joggling to Stay Fit

September 2008: Heather Marriott – The Fastest Female Joggler

September 2008: Jason Hollandsworth – Small Town American Joggler

October 2008: Jesse Joyner – A Joggler With a Message

October 2008: Tim Butler – Joggling Directory Creator

November 2008: Andy Swan – A Joggling Pioneer

November 2008: Joe Salter – Marathon Joggler in Training

November 2008: Jeff Civillico – Corporate Juggler Tries Joggling

December 2008: Scott Anthony – The Writing Joggler

December 2008: Jack Hirschowitz – The Joggling Intellectual

January 2009: Riley McLincha the Drubbling Joggler

April 2009: Ralph Kidner and the Quest of the Drop-Free 10K

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