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A new joggling wine discovered

Juggling wineFor Thanksgiving my wife and I drove to Maryland to visit her grandfather and other relatives. A fabulous trip even though we drove (about 14 hours one way). I’m a fan of long driving trips and we played a number of trivia-type games to pass the time. My wife’s sister and her husband came along.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have access to the Internet so my posts during that time were scarce.

Anyway, while in Maryland I was given a bottle of wine called Beauzeaux Red. It has a juggler on the front and has the following label on the back.

Life’s a juggle and the best jugglers are the ones you see having fun. Keep the twinkle in your eye, the laughter in your day. Beauzeaux is a juggler’s blend of Zinfandel, Syrah…and black cherry pie make Beauzeaux a tumbling delight.

We drank it and it tasted good. Of course, it made me sleepy as most red wines do, so juggling and joggling were out of the question. I don’t know where you can get this wine but if you like wine and you like juggling why not try this one?

And if you are wondering whether a world class joggling marathon wannabe should be drinking wine, check out this Runner’s World story about drinking and training.

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