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5 Things You Can Do to Celebrate World Juggling Day

Hey juggling, joggling and running fans.  Did you know that Saturday June 16, 2007 is World Juggling Day?It is an event sponsored by the International Jugglers’ Association and is designed to “givejoggling world day jugglers everywhere a rallying point for their enthusiasm for the art, demonstrate solidarity among jugglers worldwide, and give the public an idea of the enormous popularity of juggling”.

What can you do on World Juggling Day?

In honor of World Juggling Day, here are a few suggestions.

1. Go joggling! Well, this is a blog about juggling and running so we have to suggest you go joggling. You really should. It’s great fun. It will definitely make you smile.

2. Learn to juggle. Ok, so you can’t juggle? Well, World Juggling Day is a great time to learn. Go see the “snap” juggling method. It’s one of the best methods for learning to juggle 3 objects.

3. Watch some juggling videos.  You can find some great juggling videos for free on the internet.  Some great sources include YouTube,, Sclipo, and Ministry of Manipulation.

4.  Juggle with friends.  Even if you can’t juggle you can have a lot of fun tossing multiple balls between people.  To do this, each person should get an object like a tennis ball, racquetball, or even a moleskin Gballz.  Then simultaneously toss the ball to each other.  Continue until someone drops.  This simple task is incredibly entertaining.  It works well in a round pool if you have objects that float.

5.  Juggle in the wild.  World Juggling Day is all about spreading the joy and fun of juggling.  So if you are a juggler get out in the open and juggle.  Let people see you juggling and having a great time.  We want to celebrate and remember juggling.  You may even inspire someone to learn.  The world would be much more peaceful if everyone learned to juggle.

Ok.  Now get out there and celebrate.  But wait ’til Saturday.  That’s the official holiday.

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  1. I will be joggling in our local Olympic day 5k here on Pohnpei. Although I am slow, I have consistently been the first joggler across the line in every 5k on island for the last seven years. OK, there are only 34,000 people on the island and only a couple dozen who even run a 5k, with myself the only juggling jogger… I cannot fathom running a marathon, let alone joggling one – super impressive!

    By the way, Pohnpei is across the international dateline so WJD is just a few hours away here! We joggle first on the planet – at least as long as the Marshall islands remains inactive.

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