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7 Tips To Re-start Your Running

I don’t know about you, but there used to be days when I just didn’t get a chance to run.   The reason is rarely that I don’t feel like running, it’s just that sometimes my schedule just doesn’t allow it.

It’s always tough to get back in the swing of things, especially after a couple of days off.

So here are some tips for re-motivating yourself to run after a few days (or months) off.

1. Non-running warm-up

When your legs don’t feel like moving, start with with a non-running activity. For a joggler, juggling is a great warm-up. You can spend 20 minutes of pure juggling fun learning new tricks, trying new challenges and entertaining the people in your fitness center. After getting your heart going and stretching your legs, you’ll find that you’re attitude about running has changed completely. For non-runners you might try some weight lifting, basketball, volleyball, or even table tennis.

2. Put on workout clothes

To be a runner, you need to look like a runner. You’ll never get out and do your workout if you don’t put on your workout clothes. Even if you don’t feel like working out, put on those shorts & Cool Max t-shirt. Pickup those juggling bean bags . Walk around in your outfit for a few minutes. You’ll start to feel like a joggler and be off on your run in no time.

3. Schedule your session

Nothing motivates like a schedule. I’ve put together a spreadsheet listing all the workouts that I plan to do. If you’ve missed a day, just cross it off and do your training for the current day. Trying to go back is de-motivating.

4. Eat something

Research has shown that eating a little can raise your blood sugar, increase your energy and thus your motivation. Eating something 15 to 30 minutes before you workout will give you the motivating energy you need. You might consider one of these great candy bars.

5. Get new audio

Bored with all the same songs? Refresh your IPod (or other MP3 player) with all new songs. And if music isn’t working for you, try out some of the great, free podcasts that are available. Listening to talk shows is an excellent way to spend a really long run. One of my favorites is Skepticality.

6. Engage in positive self-talk

Tell yourself you want to run. Imagine yourself joggling down the road. In your mind’s eye, see the crowd’s cheering for the joggler as you go by. Now get out there and go. For more see this previous entry on positive thinking

7. Be who you are

Runners run, jugglers juggle, and jogglers joggle. You’ve put in the time. You’ve done the work. Keep it up. You are a joggler. Now get out there and joggle! (Or run if that’s what you do). If you need some more inspiration, check out what Dean Karnazes is up to.

Hopefully, by following these tips you’ll be back on your training schedule ready to break your own joggling world record.

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