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This blog is about long distance running, juggling and the sport of combining both called joggling. It was created to be a useful resource for anyone interested in learning to become a better runner, better juggler, and even a joggler.

In this blog you will find:

  • Tips on how to train for marathons and other races
  • Tips on how to juggle
  • Race reports and reviews
  • Running and juggling equipment reviews
  • Nutrition, diet and weight information
  • Stories about jogglers worldwide, unique runners & jugglers
  • Anything else about the world of Joggling

New posts are added 4 to 5 times a week so check back frequently. Please leave comments and subscribe to the feed using the RSS button on the side.

Who is the Average Joggler?

joggling shotJust Your Average Joggler is written by Perry Romanowski a native of Chicago, Il. He’s been joggling for at least 15 years and has completed 23 marathons while juggling. While he’s not a fast runner he completes most marathons in under 4 hours and has a personal best of 3:22:45. He juggles the whole way and typically has 2 or less drops.

For more about his joggler story see these articles:

The Just Your Average Joggler Story

A joggling act

or listen to this 15 minute joggling interview on Endurance Planet Podcast.

For more information about joggling see this article: The Rules of Joggling


If you are looking for advice or help with your joggling, running or juggling, leave on comment on the blog or send Perry an email at the following address : thejoggler(at)

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