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The Rules of Joggling – According to Guinness

There was a question the other day at the IJA Joggler’s forum about official rules of joggling.

Since there is no official “joggler circuit” or “joggler league” there really aren’t any official rules. But if you are interested in trying to break a world record, the folks over at The Guinness Book of World Records have put together the following.

According to them…

“The following act as a guide to the specific considerations and undertakings, in addition to the general requirements, for any potential attempt on the fastest time to run a marathon while juggling. They should be read and understood by all concerned – organisers, participants and witnesses – prior to the event.”

The part about letting the organizers of the event know is key, especially if you are going to try to break a record. If you just want to joggle, you can stay off to the side out of the other runner’s way. No one likes a pesky joggler.

And the official rules…


1. This record is for running the marathon (26 miles 385 yards 42.195 km) in the fastest possible time, whilst juggling three objects.

2. The attempt should be made during an organised official marathon.

3. The balls (or clubs) should be juggled every step of the marathon. All patterns used must be continuously alternating right-left-right-left. No left-left or right-right will be allowed at any time. No `multiplexing’ will be allowed. If at any time any of the objects are dropped or touch the ground, the person attempting the record must stop and carry on from that point.

4. Every step must be witnessed by independent witnesses (other runners) who are not connected with the actual attempt but are prepared to help with the authentication. They should sign a log book with details of when they were running with the person attempting the record (their names, addresses and runner numbers). The log should show that the attempt has been followed throughout.

5. The name of the person making the attempt should be given, along with the date and place.”

I don’t know if the IJA rules are different but if you’re looking to run a marathon joggling these are the rules I follow.

The most common question I get from people is “If you drop, do you have to start over?” No. You just have to go back where you dropped, pick up the prop, and start juggling before you start running again.

Some jogglers have used video taping to authenticate their record but this isn’t required. You just need some people who will agree that they saw you juggle the whole way and provide proof that you finished the marathon and in what time.

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