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Attention Jogglers Near the University of Maryland

There’s going to be a juggling event this weekend at the University of Maryland called the 2008 Congress of Jugglers.  There will be open juggling on Friday, Feb 29, more juggling & a free show on Saturday and open juggling on Sunday.  Best of all there will be joggling!  It’ll be your opportunity to get out there and run with a bunch of other jogglers.  Should be great fun. 

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend as I’m located about 1000 miles west of there, but if I was closer, and my good friend from high school wasn’t getting married, I’d be there. 

If any of the JYAJ community goes, please send in a report.

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  1. Oh man, this is painful to read. I am definitely in striking distance (about 100 miles), but just cannot get away this weekend. I am especially bummed because learning to ride a unicycle is on my life-list of things to do.

  2. I proposed to my wife the weekend of the 1994 Congress of Jugglers, after returning from going to the Public Show together. But, like Perry, I am now 1000 miles away, so will be missing it as I have for EACH of the 14 years since.

  3. Kurt, unicycles are a blast. You’ve gotta learn to ride one. Of course, I obsessed about it for 2 weeks, got pretty good at riding forward and never got any better after that. Perhaps when I retire I’ll take the time to get better.

    YFFHS, I can still juggle at the wedding right?

    Brian, do you think they vote on anything at the Congress of Jugglers?

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