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Best Running Quotes Juggling Runners Might Hear or Say

When you spend your time joggling around a big city or in crowded races, you’re bound to get comments. Here are a list of some of the most common. Some would make a prettyjuggling quotes good joggler t-shirt don’t you think?

Quotes Heard While Joggling

1. “Can you chew gum too?”
2. “Talk about multi-tasking”
3. “Did you see that!?”
4. “That guy was juggling!”
5. “Go juggle boy, go”
6. “Can you do 4?”
7. “Now that’s impressive”
8. “Are you going to do that the whole way?”
9. “Any drops yet?”
10. “Show off!”
11. “That takes balls”
12. “You’re making us look bad!”
13. “How do you do that?”
14. “You’re my hero”

Quotes for a Juggling T-Shirt

15. “Caution: Joggler ahead”
16. “Watch out for falling balls”
17. “Joggling…sport of the future.”
18. “It’s a juggling thing, you wouldn’t understand”
19. “4 Hours of Running, you’ve gotta pass the time somehow”
20. “Life is short…make fun of it.”
21. “You can’t pick what you’re good at.”
22. “Elite joggler”
23. “Never had a single drop.”
24. “Because just running isn’t hard enough”
25. “You’re the biggest crowd I’ve ever juggled for”
26. “First place juggler”
27. “Juggling is easy, you throw, you catch, you throw, you catch…”
28. “Yes, I am chewing gum”

Alright, anyone got any other good running or juggling quotes to use on a t-shirt?

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  1. Hi Perry, I just wanted to say ..I loved the comment you left on Frans blog re: waiting 2 years for a BQ .

    Maybe kinda laugh because a good friend of mine, Hansi Rigney , who has already set a course record for her age division at Boston, decided to fore go Boston this year and do the London Marathon instead, because the ages divisions are in 5 year increments there, instead of 10.
    (She’s 65 years old) Smart cookie!

    Anyways, nice to read you again!

  2. Hi Perry, We are (former) women jogglers. You are right about “Can you chew gum.” But one comment you probably don’t hear as much as we did was, “You dropped it.” Gee, we hadn’t noticed!

    Laurie Young and Kay Caskey, Women With Balls.

  3. How about a list of some chirps from jogglers on comments from other runners.
    Did my second 10 k today, and here is a few to start off with:

    1. I paid for a 2 hour run, and I have to fill that time to get value for my buck.
    2. After dropping the balls after passing some spectators: Now see what you did! You gave me stage fright!
    3 . After lady runner commenting on how my balls are slowing me down: “I don’t see any of the race leaders complaining about their balls slowing them down” (I did not really say this)
    4. Reply to “how do you do it?” : “red, green, blue” (colour of my balls)
    5. ” Have you dropped yet?” – [drop] – unintentional
    6. “Did you juggle all the way?” – unknovun [ please help me out here. I only joggle about 90% of the time, but a “no” reply, does not seem fair either.

  4. Another for the list of T-shirt slogans.

    There is this slogan I’ve seen many times on social running clubs shirts: “A drinking club with a running problem”

    As a twist to that, something like:
    “A running club with a juggling problem”
    It does not quite work, as there is no juggling clubs, other than the bowling pin thingys.

    So maybe someting like:
    “I’m a JOGGLER: A runner with a juggling problem”

    PS: I finally got the hang of Mill’s Mess, which I believe severely upgrade my juggling status from newbie to [whatever is above newie]
    Not a workable joggling trick though.

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