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Do you run on vacation?

It seems I’ve been on vacation a lot this summer. That’s a good thing…mostly. I really miss putting up blog entries. To tell you the truth, I like blogging almost as much as I like joggling. If only I could figure out some way to make money doing one or the other, orcountry road both.

Anyway, just because I was on vacation doesn’t mean I wasn’t joggling. In fact, I run more when vacationing than not. Do any of you experience the same phenomena?

Here’s a rundown of my training over the last week or so.

Today, I took a break and cross-trained with some volleyball. My legs are tired!

Yesterday (8/20/06): A long joggle. 16+ miles, 131 minutes. 2 drops.

8/19/06: A longer middle distance run. 10+ miles, 83 minutes. no drops.

8/18/06: A short joggle. 4+ miles, 33 minutes. No drops.

8/17/06: A double session. (morning) 4+ miles, 32 minutes. 1 drop.

8/17/06: Afternoon. 7+ miles, 58 minutes. no drops.

8/16/06: A short joggle. 5.5 miles, 42 minutes. 1 drop

8/15/06: A middle distance run done on the sand. 7+ miles, 62 minutes. 2 drops

8/14/06: No time for running but I needed the break.

8/13/06: A long joggle on some Michigan country roads. 14 miles, 113 min. 2 drops.

8/12/06: A middle distance joggle. 6+ miles, 48 minutes

So, in the past 10 days, I’ve logged about 74 miles in about 600 minutes. That’s a little over an 8 minute/mile pace. Slow for a world class joggler, but not bad. I’ve still got some work to do to get faster however, my endurance is pretty good.

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  1. “In fact, I run more when vacationing than not. Do any of you experience the same phenomena?”
    Why yes! If what you mean by that is running to the nearest junkfood and devouring. This is allowed when you’re on vacation. Hmm, but I do that when I’m not on vacation too. Perhaps it’s more of a lifestyle than I care to admit. Way to keep on keeping on Perry! May you log many more hours of joggling before the happy days of summer are gone.

  2. Wendy,

    Thanks for the support. And feel free to eat all the junkfood you want. Life is too short to feel bad about yourself, and if that means devouring a basketfull of Loukemades, you go girl! On average, health concious freaks live maybe 3 months longer than normal people. So that’s three months less time you’ll have to sit in a wheelchair watching someone else clean the cat puke out of your loafers.

    see you soon.

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