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Finally a good day

My joggling training for the Toronto Waterfront marathon so far has been difficult. The legs are sore, the weather has been hot and my brain has just not refocused. Sometimes it’s challenging to get “up” for training.

But I had a good run today. Instead of skipping lunch and working out instead, I waited until I got home. To make sure I couldn’t just settle in and skip the workout all together, I changed into my running clothes right away. It’s harder for you to skip a workout when you are dressed for it.

The weather was muggy and the juggling bags were heavy and mushy. I’ve had those bags for over two years and 5 marathons. The path was a 7-plus mile jaunt down North Avenue to the Chicago Lakefront. It took 28 minutes to get there and 27 minutes to get back. On the way out I was stopped by traffic so it was really 2 minutes quicker than that. I was listening to a science podcast about Stem Cell research. Interesting stuff to listen to while joggling.

When I got back I was drenched in sweat. My fabulous wife was making dinner, chicken & noodles. I drank a lemon-lime Gatorade, ate dinner, took a shower and watched the National League blow another All-Star game. Blasted AmericanAll Star Game 2003 - Chicago, IL league!

But it won’t bother me. I’m 16 days into my training and haven’t missed one yet. I’m a little slower than I’d like to be but the speed will come. I also got contacted by a reported who wanted to do a story about joggling and the race director in Toronto who is incredibly supportive of my joggling efforts. Soon I’ll put up the training schedule that I’m following. I’ve just got to figure out how to post charts. It’s not easy.

Training stats so far.

16 days

79 Miles

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