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Free Running Advice From Professional Runners

An excellent running blog I follow is Run to Win.  It’s owner/operator, Blaine Moore, is a professional runner.

His site provides lots of great information about training for a marathon and other distances.  It’s a great resource for anyone including jogglers.

He’s got a newsletter too, so feel free to sign up.  I’m signed up and can verify that you won’t get a bunch of hard-sell SPAM.  Instead, he sends useful information and training tips.  I’ve gotta figure he’s getting around to selling something, but he hasn’t so far.

Anyway, here is an example from one of his newsletters.  He ran a series of interviews from 3 professional runners.  Here’s an excerpt from the newsletter.

I just finished writing up my notes on last week’s cross country clinic, so you get all 20 pages condensed down into the following 5 articles.

Part 1: Injury Prevention & Treatment (Greg Knapton)

Part 2: Nutrition & Fueling (Karen Hodge Knapton)

Part 3: Biomechanics & Proper Footwear (John Rogers)

Part 4: The Athlete’s Panel (Introductions)

Part 5: The Athlete’s Panel (Questions & Answers)

While the first 3 articles provide some good value,  the last one is the best and has the most information.

If you have the time, read them all.  If not, then skip straight to part 4 if you want to learn a little about the 3 athletes who spoke, and then to part 5 to hear what kind of practical advice and tips you can learn from 3 of the top runners in the country.  (To be honest, one of them has retired and is now in law school.)


There is lots of great free running advice out.  Blaine’s website and newsletter are an excellent source of top-notch advice.

Great work Blaine!

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  1. Thanks for the mention!

    And to clarify, I’m not actually a professional runner, just a very competitive one, heheh. I run a lot of miles in between my full time job and my part time home business and my coaching. Any of those 3 runners from the XC clinic can wipe the floor with me, even the retired one (although I did beat him a few times when he jumped in a race near the end of a law school semester or he ran with his wife…)

    And for the record, I do sell through the newsletter. I just don’t do a lot of it and its usually as a P.S. at the end. I’m glad you find some value in it; that’s why I send it out!

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