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Here Is A Great Reason To Start Joggling and Drinking Tea

I knew there must be some benefit to all the tea I drink. Previously, we mentioned here on the joggling blog that tea is better than water.  Now, here is a new benefit that’s been discovered.

Drinking tea plus frequent running and juggling will actually help prevent skin cancer!

According to studies by Rutgers researchers a combination of caffeine drinking and regular exercise protected against the cancer inducing effects ofrunning and juggling mouse ultraviolet-B (UVB). Somehow these two elements worked together to kill off precancerous cells.

Here’s how they did the study.

They took 4 groups of hairless mice who were different in the following way.

Group 1 drank caffeinated water (equivalent to 2 cups of coffee a day) and had limited exercise.
Group 2 drank regular water but exercised frequently.
Group 3 drank caffeinated water and exercised frequently.
Group 4 drank regular water and had limited exercise. (control group)

Apparently, they couldn’t teach the mice to joggle.

Then the mice were exposed to UVB radiation. The scientists observed their cells for cancer growth.

It turns out all the mice groups had cancer protection compared to the control group. But the mice who drank caffeinated water and exercised had 400% cancer protection! Compare this to the caffeine alone group who had 95% protection and the exercise alone group who had 120% protection.

Bottom line, if you’re one of those runners or jugglers who have sworn off caffeine, you might want to reconsider. It could really help save your life.

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