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How much juggling practice do you need?

Everyone knows that “practice makes perfect”, but does it? According to this study by researchers at Stanford University, juggling snapsome practice could be a waste of time. They trained some macaque monkeys and showed that they didn’t get more consistent even after thousands of repetitions. Their conclusion was that while you can train your brain, you can’t completely train your muscles so there will always be variation.

Now my juggling, joggling, pool playing and most everything else improves with practice. Although, my golf swing never seems to get much better. But does this mean you don’t need to practice juggling?

No. It just means that there is a limit to how good you can get. But if you are new to joggling you can only get better. The amount that you can learn right away is huge. Follow the techniques found in juggling is a snap and you can become a decent juggler. Just don’t expect that just by practicing you can become a brilliant juggler like Vova.

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