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Joggler Running Sreak – Day 131

131st day of a quest to joggle at least one mile every day for 1000 days in a row.

Summary: Taking it easy today because I’m going to try to joggle really fast in tomorrow’s Shamrock Shuffle race. Last year I ran a 34:37 which is just under a 7 min/mile pace. Not as confident I can run that fast this year.

Today, was an enjoyable day for joggling. A bit cool, true, but I’ve come to appreciate any day that doesn’t require 4 or 5 layers of clothes. The one drop experienced today was the result of showing off. While joggling, I like to throw a bean bag high over No Parking signs. Well, I did this as a pedestrian was approaching. I caught it and he smiled. When I looked at him and smiled back, one of the bags fell to the ground at his feet. He quickly picked it up and said, “You’re the man!”

I smiled and said thanks. He threw the bean bag back to me and I resumed my joggling. I ran with a smile the next half mile.

Weather: 37 F, cloudy

Distance: 1.56 mi – Bucktown Recovery loop

Time: 10:10 am

Run time: 12:38

Listening to: Brian Tracy – Flight Plan

Weight: 196 lbs

Drops: 1

Condition: Felt a little sore but good.

Shoe Distance: New Balance – 199 miles

Joggling Streak Day 131 on

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  1. In my marathon, the more I just focused on relaxing and enjoying myself, the more miles I went without a drop. I didn’t force myself not to have a drop, or put a lot of pressure on that. It’s the Tao of dropping paradox, when you don’t force it not to happen it won’t happen, when you are worried about it, it will surely happen because you’re not being natural, going with the flow.

    I try to welcome drops when they happen, that way there is no “me vs. drop” war going on inside my head. This works in juggling too. You react uncomfortable to a drop in a show or performance, and you’re audience will be uncomfortable too. Drops happen, it’s a way that gravity shows us who’s the boss. We’ll all drop eventually.

  2. Great point Joe. During my race yesterday there was one point when I started thinking about my surroundings and started getting anxious about dropping. (I would never want someone to get injured because of my joggling). My juggling got a little shaky.

    Then I just stopped thinking about it and the smoothness of my joggling came back. I almost never think about the joggling balls in front of me.

    1. Hey Tony, thanks for the kind words. North avenue is on my standard route to the lake and back. I love running/joggling in Chicago. Be sure to stop and say Hi next time you see me.

  3. Yeah, getting in the groove and being relaxed helps your joggling so much. It takes practice and experience to get that relaxed with it. Effort, yet effortless. Muscle memory, and to get your head out of the way of what your body can do.

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