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Joggling along the strip

Las Vegas can be a tricky area to go running. The main drag is Las Vegas Blvd and while it’s cool to see all the hotels and tourists, it’s pretty tricky to actually navigate for a run. There are limited places in which you can cross the street and a number of cross-overs which involve climbing up stairs, going across a walkway, and descending on the other side. joggling-vegas

This is a fun joggling challenge as long as there aren’t many pedestrians out. Of course, the more pedestrians there are the more smiles and waves you get so there is trade off. I’ve found that the best time to go joggling on the strip is in the morning, say before 9am.

Last night I stayed up until around 3am but got up for a morning joggling run along the strip. The weather was sunny and cool, perfect for joggling. It is especially nice to not have to bundle up and fight frost bite while getting in a run.

I like Las Vegas and running here. You can see people, unique buildings and mountains. Really, the mountains are great. I remember running through them during the Red Rock Canyon marathon. That was cool. Running also gives me a break from the gambling. While I enjoy gambling I sometimes find it depressing. Win or lose it sometimes seems like a complete waste of time and resources. Some day I might give it up. I definitely could never become a professional gambler. For the same reason I couldn’t become a professional stock trader. It all just seems like a futile activity that moves money around but doesn’t generate much positive in the world. But maybe I’m just feeling this way because of sleep depravation. We’ll see what 2 more days of Vegas does for me.

Joggle on.

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