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Joggling Before the Marathon – Streak Day 109

109th day of a quest to joggle at least one mile every day for 1000 days in a row.

Summary: The draw of the casino games is strong but not strong enough to break the joggling streak. Today, I took it easy because the marathon is tomorrow morning. Joggling was good to sooth my nerves. It’s true, I still feel a bit anxious before marathons even after 25. I don’t know how this marathon will be. It is certainly going to be much smaller than what I’m used to. The scenery promises to be beautiful out in Red Rock Canyon.

Had lots of comments about the joggling here in Las Vegas. I think it is because most people here are tourists and they just assume they’ll see odd sites in this town. I know I have.

Weather: 56 F and sunny. Great for joggling!

Distance: 3.84 mi Las Vegas Downtown to the Statosphere

Time: 10:47 am

Run time: 29:28

Listening to: Skeptics Guide to the Universe


Drops: 2 – Sun got in my eyes

Condition: Feeling good.

Shoes: New Balance

Joggling Streak – Day 109 on

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  1. Michal, I was bragging about you to my Toronto in-laws and friends today about your joggling records… They were educating me about Toronto and I was filling them in on your joggling and stroller marathon records.

  2. So, that’s the one on your list next. Very cool, I need to do my research on that record, Michal. I’ll probably be visiting family/friends in Toronto sometime in the summer, maybe I’ll touch base with you to go for a joggle.

    I am still recovering from my first joggled marathon, needed to lay off my legs because my ligaments around my knees and behind have pain when I run.

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