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Joggling Discussion on Fark

I know, I’m still working on the Chicago Marathon race report but the joggling world continues.

This happened about a year ago but I just stumbled upon it now.  Turns out, the uber-popular and amusing website linked to the story about breaking the 50-mile ultra marathon joggling record.

The original story is no longer on the Reuters website but you can still read the discussion about it on Fark right here.

Some of the highlights…

  • “A 10 minute pace isn’t that hard to maintain.”
  • “I wondered what kind of idiot would say a marathon was not only too short…but not hard enough”
  • Ultramarathoners are batshiat crazy!
  • “10 min pace on a 50 mile race is difficult to maintain”

It was just about a year ago that I joggled this 50-miler.  I’m kinda itching to do another ultra marathon.  The 100-miler sounds good and I’ll do it if I can generate enough support on the home front.

People just can’t understand why anyone would want to joggle for 100 miles.  For me, I just want to see if I can.

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