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Joggling Interview – Jeff Civillico Corporate Juggler Tries Joggling

We first read about Jeff Civillico in a news article that said he was going to be joggling the upcoming Disney Marathon. This led us to the joggling video he put together. It’s cool.  We asked him for an interview and he agreed. Jeff lives in Florida and is a professional juggler who entertains at conferences, conventions, banquets, and trade shows. He also is a regular entertainer for Disney Cruise Line and The Atlantis Resort in Nassau.

What is the story of how you learned to juggle?

CIVILLICO: I learned to juggle after being picked as a volunteer by a performer named Peter Panic in Harvard Square. My oldest brother Gene helped me learn the basic cascade pattern – after that it was instructional books and videos until I joined the Philadelphia Juggling Club – they helped me take it to the next level.

When did you start joggling?

CIVILLICO: I just starting joggling a couple months ago. I ran the Disney Marathon last year so this year I thought it would be fun to try to joggle it – just something a little different. I’m an extremes guy – never joggled a race before, but I’m jumping right into the marathon.

Why did you start joggling?

CIVILLICO: I started joggling purely as a personal challenge. I’m passionate about juggling and fitness, so it seemed pretty logical to give it a whirl!

How many joggling races?


What are some of your most interesting joggling stories?

CIVILLICO: I was joggling in Costa Maya, Mexico when a stray dog appeared out of nowhere running at me full speed. I kinda thought he was gonna attack me, but apparently he was just a big fan of joggling. He ran with me for at least half a mile.

What is your training like?

CIVILLICO: I’m kind of winging the training to be honest. Generally I’m doing 1 long run and 2 short joggling runs a week. Sometimes I work the long run like a brick in triathlon training – run 5, joggle 5, run 5 – something like that. I’ve always enjoyed running, lifting, etc. cause I’m never strict on my schedule– I do what I feel like day-to-day, and that’s the way I’ve been prepping for joggling this marathon as well. I’m not trying to break any records here. I’m just trying to do something a little different, raise some money for Special Needs children, and have some fun in the process.

Do you have a special diet you follow?

CIVILLICO: I eat a ridiculous amount of food at a ridiculous velocity. In general, as long as I’m eating quality food, I don’t put any limits on the quantity.

How long do you think you will keep joggling?

CIVILLICO: I don’t think I’ll do another joggling race after this marathon. I’m enjoying the training, but I like to constantly switch things up – I’m thinking about biking across country next Spring.. or maybe unicycling – we’ll see 🙂

Any advice for would-be jogglers?

CIVILLICO: When you go out joggling, be prepared for people to start conversations with you.. even if you’re obviously in the middle of doing something (like running and juggling), and have an iPod on.

Where do you see joggling in 10 years?

CIVILLICO: I think joggling will continue to gain popularity at joggling conventions and with jugglers, but I don’t think it’s going mainstream anytime soon!

Thanks Jeff. Good luck with your upcoming marathon. If you’d like to find out more information about Jeff Civillico, go see his Comedy in Action website.

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  1. Hey Perry! I just used the word “Joggle” in Scrabble on Facebook! ROFL!! I couldn’t believe it. Got 30 points too. I was looking at those Gballz. They are expensive. What size and weight would be reasonable for me?

  2. That’s great Wes! I’ll have to try that Scrabble game on Facebook.

    Gballz are a bit pricey but they are high quality products. I would go with a light, ultra leather version (like 90g, 2.25 in). Getting 3 of those will run you about $35. But you could get a beginner’s set at a toy store which will work too. They just won’t last as long and feel as good to juggle.

    Good luck. Send along some video when you start joggling.

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