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Joggling on the radio

Hey, I just got off the line with Nick Digilio on WGN radio AM720 in Chicago. I’ve never been on the radio before and it was a blast. It’s really got me pumped up to joggle this marathon tomorrow. I just finished my updating the songs on my iPod and laying out my clothes for the run. It’s getting to be bedtime soon. There’s supposed to be a follow-up interview tomorrow at 10:30 pm so tune in if you get a chance.

Here are a couple of photos from the marathon Expo today. I love the one with the big New Balance shoe. Notice the rubber chicken. I think next year I might try to juggleInside the expo center
rubber chickens instead of bean bags. Just a thought.

Today, I did a 3.4 mile run in about 27 minutes. That’s enough to remind my legs how to run but not too much to tire me out for tomorrow.

Good luck to all you marathoners tomorrow. Don’t worry about the weather. We’ve had great weather every year for the last 10 years at this marathon. I have all the faith in the world that tomorrow will be just as nice.

Update: (10/29/06) You can hear the complete joggling radio interview here.

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  1. Great interview, Perry! You forgot to mention your wife though! Anyway, I’m glad I heard it…only because the architect couldn’t figure out how to change the radio station on the new car!

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