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Joggling update for March 2015

Remember the days when I used to write in the joggling blog?  Ah, those were the days.  I really lost energy for this when my entire website crashed and I lost years of posts which I’ve never recovered.  I know I keep saying I’m going to reboot the blog but I just haven’t been able to do it.

Fortunately, I have been able to continue to joggle every day.  I started my streak on November 18, 2008 and haven’t missed a day of joggling since.

Joggling Selfies

You might be wondering, “What’s with all the selfies?”

Well, that’s just something I started doing when I realized the the running app that I use has a picture function that you can attach to every run.  I thought it would be interesting to just take a shot of what I looked like at the end of each run.  I was going to do it for a month, then a year, and now I have no real plans to stop . One day I’ll do one of those flip-gram type things like this one.  Of course, mine won’t be nearly as dramatic.  Anyway, it’s also a way for me to remember my runs every day and to keep me inspired to keep running.

Joggling goal progress

I put together a few goals but didn’t make much of a plan to accomplish them.  I think my main goals were to lose some weight, do multiple marathons, and joggle the 100 miler.  And keep the joggling streak alive of course.

This winter I’ve mostly focused on the weight loss part.  I’ve been writing down everything I eat and have cut out a significant amount of alcohol consumption.  It’s going pretty well as I’ve lost anywhere from 10 – 15 lbs depending on when I weigh myself.  Although, I lost most of that in the first month and pretty much flattened out in Feb and March.  Oh well, at least I’m not gaining.  Always remember this…

Fatter jogglers are slower jogglers

Another of my goals was to complete the situp / pushup challenge.  This is a challenge in which you do progressively more situps and pushups every day.  Start with 1 on Jan 1st and add 1 additional each day after.  Today, I did 85 situps and 85 pushups.  I’m about 50 days short of how far I made it through this challenge but I’ve kept it up.  Interestingly, I find the situps a bit harder than the pushups.  You can do pushups anywhere.  Situps require you to have a surface that won’t hurt your back and having a bar to put your feet under helps too.

Another of my goals was related to racing.  I haven’t done any races thus far and don’t really have any scheduled.  I did sign up for one at the end of May (a 10 miler) but I’ll likely be traveling so won’t be able to do it.  I’m sure I’ll find some in the near future though.

New idea

I did get this new idea which I’ve been working on.  It was a way to give myself motivation to actually complete the 100 miler goal.  I’ve already started writing the script but essentially I’m going to be doing a show about the whole process of training for and completing a world record.  It will be an audio show with about 14 episodes.  I’m really looking forward to it.

Anyway, that’s about all I have as an update in my joggling world.

There have been a number of things that have gotten joggling in the press and I could list them here but you can just go to the Facebook Joggler page and find out.  Most noteworthy is Michal Kapral’s joggling commercial.  It’s very cool!

Sorry about my absence.

Joggle on!

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