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Juggling and Running in the Press

Sometimes when it rains it pours.  I don’t know why but I’ve recently been discussed in various media outlets.  It seems joggling still fascinates people.  This is something you might expect if you joggle any of your races.  It’s fun to be mentioned and to have your friends and family say they saw you.  Here are three recent features.

Joggling in the Chicago Tribune

Don’t remember whether this was mentioned but the Chicago Tribune ran a joggling-tribunejoggling story on the Friday after Christmas.  Here is the joggling story link and a scan of the newspaper.  The scan was nice because it has a picture.

*Note:  They got my age wrong.  I’m 39 not 44.  I just like the number 44.

Joggling in Orlando Sentinel

Not sure if this made their paper but it did make their fitness center blog.  I had a nice talk with the reporter.  The joggling story is short but entertaining.  The Sentinel is running a longer story this weekend about joggler Jeff Civillico.  We did an interview with him last month.

Joggling Podcast

I also participated in a virtual Runner’s Roundtable discussion on the Runner’s LoungeCast.  It’s all about what to consider when choosing your next race.  The show is about 25 minutes and features other running bloggers including…

Laura from Absolut(ly) Fit
Laura from Frayed Laces
Niki from Cross Country Squared
Tom and Amy from Runners Lounge

It was a lot of fun.  If you haven’t checked out Runner’s Lounge yet, go take a look.  It’s an excellent resource for runners (and jogglers).

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  1. Hi Perry! Thanks for stopping by. I suspected the joggler in my photo must have been you but didn’t know for sure. Couldn’t make out your bib number. plus, how many jogglers were in that marathon that day right!?

    I watched you do your thing at the start until we got out from underneath the Wacker overpasses. That’s a pretty cool and unique talent you have. With all these media mentions, you’ll have to be prepared for autograph seekers soon!

    Rock on.

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