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Juggling on a trampoline

Last weekend my wife and I went to the Brewmaster’s lake cottage. One of the greatest features of the place was a trampoline. I love bouncing on a trampoline. It’s an incredible workout but mostly it’s just fun.

At some point I thought it would be fun to add juggling to the mix. Joggling tends to inspire such thoughts. Has anyone else ever tried juggling while bouncing? Perhaps a new spot is invented. Take a look at some Trammeling.

[youtube= 350 425]

If you ever get a chance, try it. Three-ball juggling has never been so challenging.

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  1. You should have edited out the drop and looped it for about 5 minutes. Would have been more impressive. I will say that wasn’t your longest run, it just happened to be the one we filmed. Nice job. I tried it and couldn’t do more than 3 catches/throws.

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