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Marathon Training Finally Gets Better

With only 32 days left until the London Marathon, I can finally report a couple of goodjoggling workouts.

On Sunday, I did a 19 mile joggling run in 2:34. Not particularly fast, but light years better than the previous week when I did 17 miles at an 8:45/mile pace.  Best of all I felt good at the end. Proof positive that training helps.

The day before, I did an 8 mile joggle at a sub-8:00/mile pace.  This really boosted my confidence.  When you are training, little boosts of confidence like this go a long way to improve your motivation.

Training Tip

One thing I did different in this run was to eat a banana prior to starting.  It turns out that according to this Runner’s World tip, eating a banana before going out for a joggling workout is a great idea. It’s supposed to help fight off illness.  Don’t know if that’s true, but I certainly felt some extra energy.

This week is light week.  Only 42 miles of joggling required.  Whatever will I do with all my extra time?

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  1. Almost showtime! Great stuff, Perry!! I like bananas before duing and after a race. They have just the right consistency and the right amount of energy!!

    If you need something to do with all that extra time, let me know 😉

  2. Hi again, Perry
    It’s good to see that your training for London is going so well. 19 miles in 2:34 – that’s smoking.

    The weather here is showing some promise at last. The daffodils are in full bloom, the forsythia is out and there’s some cherry blossom showing now, just here and there. Suddenly, conditions are almost perfect for those really long training runs.

    Just 5 miles along the muddy towpath this morning. I’ve got no races planned this year, but I did see a London Half Marathon advertised on 12th October. Now I might look into that one…

    Enjoy your training!

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