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Running websites you should visit this year

The beginning of the year is a great time to pick up the sport of joggling. But if you’re a great juggler you probably don’t know a lot about running. And if you’re a great runner you probably don’t know much about juggling. In this two-partrunning computer series I’ll list some running resources on the web that you should be using. Tomorrow, there’ll be the list of juggling resources.

General Running Resources

Runner’s World: This is a great magazine and the website is full of useful information about training, equipment, nutrition, etc. You could probably find everything you need about running right here. Unfortunately, it’s annoying how slowly the website loads.

Running Times: The serious contender for the title of the most complete running resource on the web. Not as nicely designed as Runner’s World but it loads faster and the information is just as good.

The Final Sprint: For the must up-to-date articles about running you have to visit TFS. Their numerous writers cover all aspects of the sport of running. The articles are not as in-depth as you’ll find in Runner’s World or Running Times but they have some great information.

Complete Running Network: This site also has some great up-to-the minute articles about all things running. And one of the best features of this site is their Running Blog Family. Here you’ll find a list of hundreds of running blogs.

Specific Running Tools

Map my run: This is a great site for figuring out exactly how far you joggled on any given run. Just trace your path on a google map and the computer does the rest.

Cool Running: This site has lots of stuff but I like it for logging my runs. You put in the time and distance and it creates cool graphs and things for you. Best of all, it’s on the web so you can update it even when you are traveling.

Running Inspiration

Endurance Planet – Some great interviews with interesting athletes of all abilities.

Running blogs – I read lots of other running blogs but a few of my favorites include A Code Geeks Tail, Arcaner, A Running Destination, Bay City Walker, and Roads of Stone. You can find more at the Complete Running Blog Family above.

If you know some more running resources that should be included leave a link in the comments.

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