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Streaking jogglers anxiety

I woke up this morning and thought about the possibility of ending my streak. My left leg continues to hurt which makes me suspect it is something more than just a pulled muscle or general soreness. I’ll give it a little more time but it might require me to go to a doctor. I just hope it’s nothing serious like a stress fracture. juggling in the cold

I wonder, can you continue a joggling streak with a stress fracture? hmmm

Recovering from an injury during a streak

I actually have a strategy for recovering from an injury while keeping the streak alive. Typically, I run about the same time every day (around 2 or 3pm). When I have an injury I reduce my mileage to just around 2 miles but I run early morning one day and then in the evening the next day. That way I can get the maximum number of hours between runs and thus the maximum amount of rest. I don’t know if it helps much but that is my strategy. Anyone else have strategies for dealing with injuries during a streak?

Anyway, today was a super cold run. The temperature here in Chicago is hovering around 11F with a wind chill that pushes the temperature to -10F. Pretty cold. But I bundled up with a few layers and completed my run this evening. It was a good run. I was slowed by the cold and the sidewalks that were coated with snow and ice. Joggling on ice is tricky! Fortunately, I didn’t have any falls and the book that I’m listening to (The Handmaids Tail) is a good one.

Joggle on.

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