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The fastest running jugglers known

Anders Kierulf tipped me off to a listing of the current joggling records maintained by the International Jugglers Association.

This list records set during competitions at the IJA’s annual juggling convention. Some of these are really fast.

1. Owen Morse runs 100m (3 ball) in 11.9 seconds. Lana Bolin does 14:96s for women.

2. Kirk Swenson does 4:43.8 for 1600m. Women’s record is by Kathy Glynn at 6:17. Both are great times.

3. 5K record set by Kirk Swenson is 16:58. Heather Marriott did 23:45 for the women’s record.

Not on this list is

4.  The 1 mile world record is held by Will Howard who did it in 4:42

5.  The new joggling record set by Michal Kapral of 36:27 for a 10K.

6.  The record for the fastest marathon done while juggling is also missing. The unofficial current record was set by Zach Warren last year in the Philadelphia Marathon with a time of 2:52.

My own joggling PRs include…

5K – 19:48
8K – 33:47
10K – 41:22
Half Marathon – 1:35:20
Marathon – 3:22:45

There’s certainly room for improvement. That’s what makes both running and juggling great. You can always get better. They are incredibly humbling as are the records of the athletes above.

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  1. It’s unofficial in that it hasn’t been verified by Guinness. I am just reporting what I heard from both Michal and somewhere else (IJA joggling forums I think)

  2. I’m sure Zach marathon record will get approved. He has extensive video coverage of it from the documentary film crew that has been tracking our joggling marathon battles. The same crew will be in Salt Lake City for the next duel. 2:52 is a pretty crazy time to beat.

    Perry, I’m pretty sure you have run the second fastest 10K joggle ever. I think the Paul-Erik Lillholm’s previous record was 42 minutes and change.

    If I can manage to finish it, I might be setting an unofficial 30K joggling record this Sunday at the Around the Bay Road Race in Hamilton, Ontario. The race director tells me that, to his knowledge, I’ll be the first joggler to do the race in its 113-year history (It started in 1894, three years before the Boston Marathon). It’s nice to have a guaranteed PB and course record!

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