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Timothy Perram Joggler Interview – Practicing Physics and Joggling in California

We first learned of Timothy Perram from the joggler forum run by the IJA. This is a place where lots of jogglers talk about some of their latest races. We asked him to tell his story here on JYAJ and he happily obliged. Tim is a 26 year old joggler living in San Diego. He has a degree in Physics from UCSD.

JYAJ: What is the story of how you learned to juggle?

PERRAM: I learned to juggle when I was in elementary school, probably 3rd or 4th grade. My dad had ajoggling california grocery bag full of tennis balls. He kept tossing tennis balls to me until I was able to juggle 3 ball cascade. Then in sixth grade PE class we had a circus unit. That is when I learned to juggle 4 balls, clubs, use devil sticks, diablo, and ride a unicycle.

JYAJ: When did you start joggling?

PERRAM: I started joggling this past November (2007). I had seen a blurb on the morning news about a joggler.

JYAJ: Why did you start joggling?

PERRAM: When I saw the blurb on the morning news I said “Hey, I bet I can do that! I like to run, and I like to juggle. That is a sport for me!” I figured it was right up my alley. I have always liked being unique and competing in alternative sports. Other sports I have been into have been Ultimate Disc, Footbag (hacky sack) and Girevoy Sport ( for more info). I also competed in cross country and track and field in high school.

JYAJ: How many races have you done while joggling?

PERRAM: I have competed in 3 races while joggling: two 5Ks and a 4 mile race. One of the 5Ks was dropless.

JYAJ: What are some of your favorites?

PERRAM: Each of these races was my favorite! The Saint Patrick’s Day 4 mile was my favorite because it was the first race I joggled. This was awesome because I got so much attention and respect from other runners. After the race they were all coming up to me and asking about the juggling. The Great Race of Agoura 5K was my favorite because it is run in my home town of Agoura Hills. I run this race every year, but this is the first time I joggled it. I ran this race with my brother, which was rockin’. The La Jolla Shores 5K was also my favorite because it was my first dropless race.

JYAJ: What is your best story about joggling?

PERRAM: I went out for a run on my usual route about town. This day I did not bring along my juggling balls. I saw a woman standing out in front of her house. She asked me, “Where are your juggling balls? My kids love that.” I sure wished that I had brought my juggling balls that day! I decided that I ought to bring them along on all my runs, so as not to further disappoint the public.

JYAJ: What kind of training do you do? How fast do you run?

PERRAM: I joggle a 3.1 mile loop around my neighborhood about 3 times a week. Other days I train with Kettlebells, swim, or ride my road bike. I train at probably about 9-minute mile pace. My joggling times for races are 23:00 and 23:47 for 5Ks and 30:45 for a 4 mile race. I recently ran a 5K in 20:45 on very flat course. When I was in high school I ran a 3 mile cross country race in 16:29. In high school track I ran a 2:00 for 800m and 4:47 for 1600m.

JYAJ: How long do you think you will keep joggling?

PERRAM: I will keep joggling indefinitely. If I get bored or burned out with it, I will take a break, but likely pick it up again at a later time.

JYAJ: Do you eat a special diet?

PERRAM: During the week I eat very healthy, with lots of fruits and vegetables. Breakfast is oatmeal and a banana. Lunch is a turkey and cheese sandwich on wheat bread, an apple, carrots, and potato chips. Dinner is a giant vegetable salad usually served with whole wheat tortillas or pitas. Sometimes dinner is vegetable and bean soup or vegetable stir fry served over brown rice. Another favorite healthy dish of mine is a grilled Portobello mushroom on wheat bread. On the weekends I cheat and go out to eat several times. Burgers are my favorite food.

JYAJ: Do you have any advice for would-be jogglers?

PERRAM: If you know how to juggle, you will be able to learn to joggle. Practice juggling until you can juggle with your peripheral vision (not actually focusing on the balls). That said, how fast a joggler you are simply will be depend on how fast a runner you are.

JYAJ: Where do you see the sport of joggling in 10 years?

PERRAM: Gosh, I do not see this sport growing too much, nor do I want it to. It is cool to be involved with an “underground” sport. Jogglers are unique individuals. If joggling were a popular sport, I probably would not be doing it.

JYAJ: What juggling equipment do you use?

PERRAM: For races I use a set of juggling balls that I got 15 years ago on a family trip. We were passing through San Francisco, and we stopped into a juggling shop. They are soft, cushy type balls. For training I use similar balls, but they are a bit stiffer. I got these ones earlier this year at a cirque-du-soleil gift shop.

If there are any other jogglers out there in San Diego, it would be run to go for a joggle together. Email me at timothyperram(at)

Well, Tim the next time I’m out in San Diego (I know a couple of people out there) I’ll be sure to look you up for a joggle.

Just follow this link if you want to see interviews with other jogglers.

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