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Tips for Living to 107 and Beyond

I’m still working on my race report for the 2008 IJA Joggling Championships, but I needed a break (I’ve got to cut out some of the 2500 words I’ve already written).

Longtime readers of JYAJ know that it is my goal to live to 107. Anyway, this story on 100 Habits to reach age 99 caught my eye.

Here are the categories in which all the tips are grouped.

1. Protect your heart. One third of all Americans will die of heart disease. If you’re going to live a longjoggling master time, make sure you stay heart healthy.

2. Learn what habits to change based on ethnicity & heredity. Genetics will affect how long you live. If you learn what things you are most prone to getting, you’ll have a better chance of stopping them.

3. Keep your blood pressure low. They call it the silent killer because this thing causes all kinds of problems. Keep track of your blood pressure and do things to keep it low.

4. Keep cholesterol low. Another silent killer. But there are things you can do to keep it under control.

5. Avoid diabetes. This disease takes a lot of people and is generally (at least Type II) a result of your lifestyle.

6. Change to a healthier lifestyle. While lifestyle changes don’t guarantee you’ll live long, they do help. Make some key changes and you should live longer.

7. Eat a healthy diet. Yeah, that means more fruits and vegetables. Less junk food. blah blah blah. I once heard this diet advice which seemed pretty good. “Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants”

8. Exercise! All the jogglers out there know how exercise has benefited them mentally & physically. And there’s proof that exercise helps you live longer.

9. Prepare yourself emotionally. If you live to 107, you’ll experience the death of many friends and family. Be prepared and learn to deal with disappointment and sadness.

10. Learn what changes will happen as you age. Over the years, you’ll notice distinct changes in your body. Perhaps your mind believes you to be 29 but the body says otherwise. Learn to adapt to your changing body.

There are a ton of tips and links in the attached article but if you want to live to 107 and beyond, start changing things now. I know I will.

Incidentally, if things go as I’ve planned I still have 24,952 days left to live.

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