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What are the odds…

…that you would get your keys back after losing them after the Chicago Marathon?

In my case, the odds are 100% because just last week that’s just what happened.

It’s a little known fact that after you’ve run a marathon your brain doesn’t seem to work as good as before the marathon.  At least my brain doesn’t work as good for a little while afterwards.  Anyway, at the end of the Chicago Marathon I picked up my stuff from gear check and as I was putting on my change of clothes I saw my keys fall out of my pocket.  I made a quick mental note to pick them up after dressing, then promptly forgot.  I didn’t remember until 4 hours later when I hopped on the el to go home.

I thought they were gone for good but my lovely wife called the LaSalle Bank office and it turns out someone found a set of keys.  The only identifying mark was a yellow piece of plastic around one of the keys.  But this kind soul Carla sent them to me through the mail and it turned out that they were my keys!!  What luck!

Thanks so much Carla over at LaSalle Bank.  You made this joggler’s day.

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  1. This is filed under the “I love this city!!!!” category.

    Which is exactly how I felt one day when I was driving south on LaSalle from Lake Shore Dr. I’m at the stoplight, and I see this guy jogging east on North, juggling. I promptly text my friends (it’s a long red light) “I just saw a guy juggling while jogging! I LOVE THIS CITY!”

    One of my friends later said, “what, you’ve never seen this guy? He runs the marathon.”

    And finally, tonight I’m reading a back issue of Time Out Chicago and come across their interview with you.

    Thanks for making us smile.

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