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What Can You Do In 5 Hours?

Coming off last weekend’s 5 hour run, I pondered what else I could’ve done in that time.joggling clock running Here’s a short list…

What to do in 5 hours

1. You can drive 300 – 350 miles.

2. You can fly from Chicago to California

3. You can watch my favorite movie Mosquito Coast 2.5 times.

4. You can play my favorite song “Dancing in the Moonlight” 106 times.

5. You can make 54,000 throws and catches of your joggling bags.

6. You can play 20 games of Euchre.

Alright, I tire of this.  I’ve gotta work on some college course I’m teaching tonight so I have to cut it short.  I don’t know if I’ll like teaching but I was curious.  Maybe someday when I retire I’ll become a college professor.  Of course, they’ll have to let me keep joggling.

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