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What to Expect After Juggling and Running 16 Miles

It’s been a little while since joggling a distance of 16 miles or more. The last time was the Tampa Bay Marathon. But long training runs can be a bit tougher than even marathon races because there is no crowd, no race support. It’s just you, your shoes, and yourpainful juggling internal motivation.

Just got back from a 16 miler today and it could be instructive to tell you about how I feel so you’ll know how you might feel.

Sore. Specifically, my ankles are sore such that it hurts to take a step. My right Achilles tendon is sore so it hurts when I walk. My back muscles are sore from the 2+ hours of juggling. The back of my neck is sore too. Chaffing on my nipples and between my thighs also makes walking uncomfortable. And then there is the “dehydration headache”. Someday, I’ll take a path that has more water available.

Tired. It’s all I can do not to go lay down on the couch, turn on the tv, and not move for the rest of the day. Thankfully, JYAJ and other blog writing keeps me from giving in to that.

Hungry. Don’t let anyone fool you. Marathon training is not a quick weight loss strategy. It makes you hungry and you generally will eat more than the calories you burn. If you’re out of shape you will lose a few pounds but not nearly as much as you think.

Yes, you may also feel happy and content that you finished your running goal for the day. But don’t let anyone sugar coat it. Running 16+ miles hurts.

Now, I’ve gotta go get something to eat.

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  1. I remember my only 16 mile run like it was yesterday 🙂 I usually get hungrier as the day goes on, but I try really, really hard not to over do it.

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