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Who Wants to Live Forever?

I do!

Well, maybe not forever but for a really long time. winter-joggling

My goal is to live until I’m 107 years old.  In fact, I’ve even got a death date picked out.  The date of my demise will be November 11, 2076.

Why this year?

See, I want to definitely live until I’m over 100.  And since that will put me into the 2070’s I figured I should just keep going to see how the US celebrates our 300th anniversary.  Also, all those bicentennial quarters I’ve been saving all these years should be worth millions by 2076!

Why this date?

The date was arrived at for a couple of reasons.  First, I like baseball and would like to see who wins the World Series.  I wonder if they’ll still be playing in 2076?  This means I’ll have to live until at least November.

Next, I like palindromes so it would be nice to meet my demise on 11/11 or 12/12.  The former is the superior choice because it’s before the holidays.  I don’t want to ruin anyone’s holiday spirit by dying between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Stretch goal

I do realize this is a stretch goal but I think it’s good to have goals.  I also believe that by the time I get to be that old people will be routinely living over 100 years so I won’t even be that special.  Except, I will be the first 100 year old to finish a marathon while joggling!

In truth, this goal to live a long time is what started me on the road to joggling.  I read a book that suggested exercise was the best medicine for living a long time.  That started me running since running was the most efficient, most accessible and easiest exercise I could do.  The running started me racing and the racing started me joggling.

Basically, I joggle because I want to live until November 11, 2076.

Why do you joggle?

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