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10 insights about fitness centers

fitness centerI saw this interesting article over at about the 10 things your fitness center won’t tell you.

The fitness center I use is at work and doesn’t have most of these problems. For a mere $18 a month they provide everything a person needs with no startup fees, no quitting issues and they don’t even hassle juggling runners.

Not everyone is so lucky.

Anyway, here is the list 10 things your fitness center doesn’t want you to know. How does your fitness center stack up?

1. If you’re still here in April it’ll be a miracle.
2. Don’t touch anything – the place is crawling with bacteria.
3. They’re not equipped to handle health emergencies.
4. The trainers don’t always know what they are doing.
5. They won’t let you quit.
6. Be sure to read the fine print in the contract.
7. The equipment can be dangerous.
8. Everything is negotiable.
9. If your wallet gets stolen, it’s not their problem.
10. Go ahead and sue; you can’t beat a fitness club in court.

Thankfully, summer is coming up soon and you can do your joggling workouts outside.

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