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Juggler attempts to break the world 5K joggling record

It looks like this sport of joggling is really attracting some talented runners. Here’s a story about Travis Saunders who is going to attempt to break the 5K joggling record.joggling 5K

The current world joggling 5K record is held by Kirk Swenson who did it in 16:58 according to the International Jugglers Association.

In the story, it says that Travis has run a personal best 5K of 16:10. That’s quick! But it doesn’t leave him much wiggle room. To break the world record he’s probably going to have to make it the whole way without a drop.

Good luck Travis and keep us posted!

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  1. Hey Steve,

    I’ve been good. Just got back from a 2 week vacation in which I didn’t have any Internet access. I’m just trying to catch up with my blog posts & all the other blogs that I read. It’s tough being disconnected so long.

    How goes the racewalking?

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