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17 days until the marathon

Yesterday was a straight-forward 6 mile treadmill run completed in 45 minutes. This was all I could get in during my lunch hour. It felt good to get back to running after taking monday off. I really don’t like to take any running days off but sometimes my body just tells me I must. It’s much easier to run the hard weekday runs when your legs are rested. Today, my schedule calls for a 5 mile run but I’ll probably go extra to make-up for some lost miles.

When you get this close to a marathon, you might start to get a little nervous. This is normal. You’ve just gotta keep doing your joggling workouts and take it easy. Life is not defined by a single race. If you screw up royally or set a PR, you’ll still have the rest of your life to live. And you’ll always have the memory of the race. As the cliches go, “it’s not your time that matter but the fact that you tried.”

I don’t have much else today except to leave you with this cool display of some cone juggling.

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  1. Don’t ur legs ever get sore? i mean running miles a day. I dont think i could do 1 mile a day! how do u do it? keep up the great work!!!

  2. My legs get sore on occasion but it doesn’t last too long. It took me about 8 years of running before I could honestly say that I liked running. Mostly I did it because it is healthy, cheap to do, and I could juggle at the same time. I love being able to do multiple things at the same time. Kinda like juggling 2 bean bags, doing a hoola hoop, spinning a plate on your hand, and playing the harmonica simultaneously.

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