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9 Safety Tips for Running and Juggling Outdoors

With the winter coming and light getting a bit scarce, the chances of an urban joggler getting hit by a car increase.  The girls at FitSugar have written some practical tips on how to stay safe while running in the dark.  They include these 6 tips.  We’ve included comments as to how they might apply to jogglers.

Safety Tips for Winter Running

1.  Pay attention to the traffic and dangers around you.  Don’t assume someone will see you.

2.  Be conspicuous.  As if joggling isn’t conspicuous enough.  Joggle with glowing or blinking balls if you can.

3.  Make eye contact with cars before crossing the street.  To make sure the driver sees you.  Jogglers love when people look at them.  Here’s an excuse to make sure they have to.

4.  Run against traffic.  Always a great tip.

5.  Don’t run with music (or keep the volume down).  A good strategy here is to run with only one headphone.  That keeps one ear clear to hear around you.

6.  Run with a friend.  They don’t even have to be a fellow joggler.

And a few bonus tips for jogglers…

7.  Safety first, juggling second.  If you get into a situation that gets dangerous, STOP JUGGLING!!  Let your balls drop and avoid the hazard.  There’s no shame in dropping.

8.  Run the side streets.  In the city, joggling on side streets where there is less traffic is a safer bet.

9.  Run in the light.  While the side streets may have less traffic, the main streets have more light.  If you feel confident in your joggling, run where you have the most light.  There may be more hazards but you’ll be able to better avoid them.

Joggling or running in the winter can be exhilarating.  Follow those tips and it can be safe too.

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