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When is a Marathon too Big?

Last year the Chicago marathon sold out in mid-April. This year it happened again even though they were accepting 5000 more runners. At 45,000 applicants this race is going to be huge.

I never mind a huge race for two reasons.

1. It means there will be a big crowd watching (which is great for joggling).

2. If you’re in a corral up front the crowd doesn’t affect you much.

But part of me thinks it’s not right for the race to fill to capacity by April. There are going to be a ton of runners who drop out and the Chicago marathon doesn’t allow you to sell or refund your application money. What a racket!

Oh well, I’m happy I got in. I’m also happy that last year’s weather debacle didn’t hurt interest in the race this year.

So, I’m in for the Chicago marathon. Who else is in? And when do you think a marathon is too big?

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  1. As long as the race seeds the runners right, I have very little concern for size. But hey, my largest race was like 20,000 🙂

  2. I am in! I don’t care how big. I will skip the juggling, however, since I um, don’t know how, and I have a hard enough time running as it is!

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