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99 Days of Running and Juggling

Day 99 of a quest to joggle at least one mile every day for 1000 days in a row.

Summary: I can’t seem to shake this cold I’m coughing, my head hurts and my joggling is pretty sluggish. I generally believe that it is OK to workout while you have a head cold. You just need to take it a little easier. Don’t expect to run as fast as you might.

Despite feeling lousy, today’s joggle was beautiful. The weather was sunny, with a slight breeze and a temperature of around 72 F. When I got too hot I ran in the shade. The coolness reminded me of home. I’ll be back there in a few days and even though it will be much colder, it will be good to be home.

Weather: 72 F, sunny with a slight breeze. Hot in the sun.

Distance: ~5.3 mi

Time: 9:18 am

Run time: 44:20

Listening to: Ayn Rand – Atlas Shrugged – Chapter 9

Weight: No scale access

Drops: 0

Condition: Legs feel good, rest of me not so much

Shoes: New Balance

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