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Anyone Know How A Joggler Can Get in the London Marathon?

My pal John Kelly and I are interested in participating in the London Marathonjuggling london marathon jogglingAnyone out there have tips on how to get in?  The best that we could find was to go through a travel agent and pay $900 per person for a 3 night stay and entry into the race (flight not included).

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  1. London is a pretty expensive place to visit. $300 a night US isn’t too bad of a rate if it guarantees you entry into the marathon (is if full?). I went there a couple of years ago and booked my hotel through

  2. $900 is pretty good if it includes a guaranteed entry.

    I know plenty of people who’d pay that much, just to run in the race. It’s the best in the world.

    And you may well get to race Paula, too …

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