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Are You a Running Juggling Warrior too?

Here’s a fun running quiz from Runner’s World that asks…”What kind of runner are you?”

It’s a simple 10-question quiz and is supposed to give you a sense of what other runners you are most like. When I did the quiz, it said I was a WARRIOR.

Once you get your runner type, they give you advice on how to get motivated, how to learn, how to enjoy running more, how to stay healthy, and what books you should read.

You can read the descriptions of all the different types of runners (warrior, purist, socializer, exerciser) here.  I’m just not certain I’d classify myself as a warrior. I’m more of a joggler.

So, what type of runner are you?

Thanks to Mercury Worm for tipping us off to this quiz.

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  1. The quiz told me I’m the warrior, but I actually think I’m more of the exerciser. I do races because they’re fun and social, and I AM very competitive with myself, but I really don’t train much for them, and I tend to run them just as training runs. I would probably do a lot better if I actually treated them as races and went all-out for them.

    Today I did a 15K that also had a 4 miler before. I arrived as the 4 milers were finishing, and I heard someone yell “go joggler!” I didn’t get to see the joggler, but I was excited that I had at least been close to seeing joggling in person. And now that I know there is a joggler in NYC, I can watch for him/her in the future.

  2. Wow, a joggler doing 15Ks in NYC. I’d love to track down who that was. Did the race have pictures?

    Congrats on your 15K! Looks like you’re making some good progress.

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