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Are you addicted to juggling or running?

There’s a story in the April 22, 2007 edition of Newsweek that talks about a psychological disorder called exercise bulimia. If you have this, you’re compelled to workout excessivelyjuggling addict to lose weight. Afflicted people will exercise hard everyday.Then it occurred to me. I exercise everyday. Since the juggling running streak started I’ve been putting in a lot of hours.  Am I addicted to joggling?  (

8 Symptoms of an Exercise Addiction

Here is the list of symptoms that indicate you are addicted to joggling.

1. You miss work or other appointments to joggle.

2. You joggle even though you are injured or sick.

3. You get depressed if you can’t joggle.

4. You juggle or run for hours at a time.

5. You never take a rest day from joggling.

6. You strive to achieve more difficult challenges.

7. Your joggling defines you.

8. You consider yourself a “special” elite joggler.

Is the Average Joggler Addicted?

Let’s see if I’ve got an exercise addition. Well, I certainly qualify on a lot of these.

Yes, I’ve skipped appointments in order to joggle.
I’ve also joggled with a tendinitis injury.
Juggling and running for hours a day? Averaging 40 minutes a day
I haven’t taken a rest day in the last 124 days.
Yes, I’m still working on flawlessly juggling 6.
Joggling is definitely part of my identity
No, I’m just an average joggler.

Overall, I’m probably not addicted to running, juggling or joggling. I could be addicted to blogging though. I haven’t lost much weight and I’m committed to the joggling streak, not obsessed with it.

But keep an eye on yourself. Being addicted to exercise is bad because it can lead to…

Why being addicted to joggling is bad

Dangerously low body fat
Reproductive problems
Heart problems

and it makes you no fun to be around.

Remember, joggling is supposed to be fun.

Now, excuse me while I go work out.

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  1. I don’t think being committed or addicted is bad, just if it is unhealthy. Big difference there. Determining what is unhealthy is the trick!

  2. “You joggle even though you are injured or sick”

    If you are a regular reader of rec.juggling (A juggling Newsgroup. Old technology I know, but it’s been around for close to 15 years now), every few months there is a post that asks:

    “It hurt when I do X” and then asks what to do.

    I almost always tell the posters to STOP doing X.

    As long as the pain is temporary, its probably OK to keep doing whatever, when it becomes permanent, you should stop. If Runnign Hurts today because you twisted an ankle yesterday, it’s probably OK to fight through the pain, but if your feet ALWAYS hurt, and aren’t getting better, you shoudl stop.

    Perry, I hope that you are being carefull during the streak to not do any permanent dammage. I would guess however, that the human body is fully capable of running several miles each day, and as long as you avoid a major injury, you should be OK.

    Brian Fahs

  3. I love rec.juggling! It’s an oldie but a goodie.

    Pain has really just been sore muscles. I don’t anticipate any serious injuries due to keeping the streak alive. If people can do 14,000+ days is a row, I think I can do a whole year.

    In reality, I’ve been training my body for this kind of running for the past 7 years. Doing 3 or 4 marathons a year made is so that I ran a lot and often.

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