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Who wants to juggle and streak?

This article over at the Complete Running Network about people who have kept running streaks alive is inspiring. The longest active running streak is 14,011 days according to the US Running Streak Association. Wow! Currently, my joggling streak stands at 4 days. juggling a marathonThis is the longest active joggling streak of which I’m aware. If any other jogglers have a streak let me know.

Looking back over my records (I’ve kept a spreadsheet of all my workouts since Jan 2003) my longest streak is 14 days from April 28, 2005 – May 11, 2005. Last year my longest was 10 days.

Official Joggling Streak

But this year, I’m going to go for it, the longest joggling streak ever. First step is to qualify for inclusion in the USRSA. This requires that you have a running streak of at least a year. And a running streak is defined as running at least 1 mile under your own power every calendar day.

Right here on JYAJ, we are going to start a new joggling branch of the USRSA. Same rules apply except you have to joggle at least 1 mile everyday. Alright, who’s with me?

Incidentally, to track the streak I’m keeping a log on Click this link to see a summary of all my joggling workouts.

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  1. When I read the title of “who wants to Juggle and Streak” had me thinking about something else all together. But I suspect that was the idea

  2. […] Considering that I’m going to continue my running streak (up to 15 days already!) I wondered what other runners had to say about donating blood and running. I stumbled across this article from runnersweb and found some interesting info.  Looks like I should’ve waited ’til after the Tampa Bay Marathon.  Oh well, maybe I saved a life. Here area couple of things every joggler should know about… […]

  3. I have run 3.1 miles for 503 straight days, each time under 20 minutes, and am going strong. I have also done 585 pushups every day for 350 days, 5 sets of 100 with 3 minute break in between, then a slow set of 85 10 seconds afer my 5th set. I do it all in the morning before I do anything else. I am in great shape, and havent paid a penny for a gym membership, although I am on my 3rd pair of shoes, and I dont get to look at all the pretty women at the gym. I do have a beautiful wife, so its all good. Rain or shine, cold or hot, I am out there.

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