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Average Joggler in Time Out Chicago

With the Chicago Marathon coming up soon, the local media seeks stories about unique marathon runners. This week Time Out Chicago was kind enough to include a picture of this average joggler in an article. You can see it here. See if you can match the times to the different runners. Here’s one answer. I joggled Chicago in 3:59:00 last year.

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  1. You got beat by the flintstones?

    If the dude dressed as captain america finished, all the crap about it being too hit is bs.

  2. Some of these costumed guys are pretty quick. Michal just did the Toronto Waterfront marathon in 2:54 dressed in a pirate-type outfit. There’s no shame in losing to the Flintstones. Although, this was not one of my faster marathons.

  3. Note: the Flintstones ran the Chicago Marathon in 2006. I know, it’s like comparing apples to oranges since the rest of the costumed runners have 2007 times (in retrospect, I wish we’d found a way to clarify that). Just didn’t want anyone to think the joggler got beat by those guys!

  4. Thanks Liz for the clarification and for including me in the article. FWIW, I did beat the Flinstone guys in 2006 then because I ran a 3:24:46

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