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Average Joggler Retires!

Today, I am retiring.

Not from joggling however.retired????????

I’m retiring from my day job at Alberto Culver.  Since 1992, I was a cosmetic chemist who put together formulas for hair and skin products.  But after 191 months, I’ve done all I wanted to do there.  It is a great place to work and I wish everyone well.  I’ll miss everyone.

But now it’s off to make my fortune on my own.  No more big companies for me.  My new job has incredible benefits.  No set work hours, no commuting, no vacation limits, and no dress code.  Heck, we don’t even have to wear pants.

The good news is that I’ll now have much more freedom for joggling training.  Lack of time should no longer be an excuse for any lackluster performances.

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  1. Hey, congratulations on escaping the rat race. Feel like giving us any hints about what the new day job is? Or is it all sooper seekrit?

  2. Congrats Perry! I have great faith that you will be successful in all of your future endeavors. I’m hoping to retire soon myself so hope this retirement goes well!:)


  3. Nice retirement post! Sorry I missed you at work today, I wanted to kick your ass in one last game of Tea Toss. Maybe we’ll have to find some kind of online equivalent.

    Talk to you soon and keep up the great blogging!

  4. Dear Perry,

    Congratulations on your A-C retirement! How wonderful to do that at the beginning of summer….great timing. I have total confidence that whatever your future endeavors are, they will be successful. Good Luck! Marmee

  5. Perry,
    Great for you and good luck on your new job.

    From what I understand, your new boss is the kind of guy that will make you do a working street of 444 days without a day off.

    May there be much more stuff to count, and stats to keep with your new job.

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