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Livingstons 18 Hour Joggling Marathon Report

We first mentioned David Livingston last month when he reported that he was attempting to joggle for 18 hours.

Well, that event happened over the past weekend so you might be wondering how he did.David Livingston Joggler

The crack reporting staff here at JYAJ searched high and low for the results and is happy to report that they’ve found an answer. David did make his joggling attempt this weekend and raised a lot of money for cancer research.

Pre-Race Joggling Publicity

This first part of any good joggling attempt for charity is to generate some publicity. Since joggling is a compelling activity, reporters are naturally interested. David’s event was particularly noteworthy because it was for charity and represented a incredibly long time joggling. You may have read the first joggling story from the Akron Beacon Journal. Here’s another one from the Daily Record.

I love these interviews because you get a sense of the good that joggling can bring to the world.

So, how did he do?

We’ll let David tell you in his own words…

David’s Joggling Race Recap

A journey into the unknown..

For me, part of the fun and excitement of challenging myself to do something I have never done before is dealing with the unknown. I can predict, make educated guesses, hope, and delude myself but in reality, it is unknown. That is the exact reason that I didn’t want to just run a set number of miles/laps at the Relay this year. I knew what to expect. But I really didn’t know what would happen if I tried to joggle for 6, 10, or 17 hours. Now I know.

Everything is kind of a blur from this weekend’s run because I wasn’t really concentrating on time or miles. I was concentrating on joggling. I do know that I did my 100th lap after midnight (about 4:50 into the event). The next 81 laps took about as long, mainly because I was sitting and icing my forearms instead of covering miles. I really wanted to get to 200 laps, but I was in too much pain and just couldn’t juggle any longer.

Since my challenge had been to juggle and run, I was done. From experience, I knew that my legs had lots of miles left in them, but my arms, specifically the tendons in my left forearm/wrist, were shot. I stayed until the end, supported Team CAB and all the other walkers, walked some laps with friends and actually got to enjoy the Relay for a little bit.

I was disappointed, but not upset. I have been to that point before (where you know you have to stop) but also knew that life goes on. Injuries will heal, I’ll be around (God willing) to run another day. My wish is that someday when people are told that they have cancer, they can have that same assurance. It will heal. You will be around tomorrow to enjoy your children, grandchildren, etc. That’s what this was all about.

Thank you to everybody that sponsored me and supported me. My total of all pledges should be right around $1800. Thanks to Team CAB for pushing me and for their fine effort. They ended up with 79 miles with seven of the ten individuals actually exceeding their pre-event goals. Their lap total was 318 in 16 hours and 45 minutes. Mine was 181 in just over 10 hours. That means that, according to the rules of our challenge, I will be submitting my donation to the American Cancer Society for at least $68.50. Well done team!

Now…..what to try next time???????

Thanks David! And good luck on your next adventure. Perhaps one of these stunt runners will provide inspiration.

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