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Boys Behaving Badly – Really, It’s Not Our Fault

Alright all you male jogglers out there, let’s talk about testosterone. I only mention it because the subject came up at a party I attended at my pal JK’s house and I also just happened to read this scientific investigation today.

Negative effects of Testosterone

Well, some have suggested higher testosterone levels lead to an increased risk of prostatejuggling testosterone cancer. Also, testosterone negatively impacts the immune system.

And according to this Penn State study on testosterone, higher levels cause men to act like idiots, behaving in all sorts of self-destructive manners such as smoking, excessive drinking, skateboarding and parkour. And it’s also responsible for all sort of lewdness experienced by women in the bars around Wrigley Field after a game.

Positive effects of Testosterone

On the other hand, higher testosterone levels have added benefits too. These include…
1. Heart health: Testosterone makes you less vulnerable to high blood pressure, obesity, and heart attacks.

2. General health: People with higher levels of testosterone get fewer colds. They also rate their health better.

Vegetable eating can off-set the negative testosterone effects

Here’s some more proof that eating vegetables can improve your health. Specifically, for those people with high levels of testosterone pumping through their veins.

According to this research by scientists at Arizona State University carotenoids found in carrots have even more health benefits than thought. Apparently, they offset the negative effects of testosterone. At least, it’s true in male birds so I guess the scientists figure it must be true for people too.

So, if you’re a testosterone-filled male (joggling or not) you can probably improve your behavior and health right now just by eating a few carrots everyday or some of these other great vegetables.  Or maybe, it could even help you keep more of your hair.

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