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Buy 5 Gballz and Get 2 Free

While most of us aren’t going to be 5-ball joggling fiends like Barry Goldmeier, that doesn’t mean wegballz dodeca joggling couldn’t use a set of 5 Gballz.  And if you’re going to get 5, wouldn’t it be great to get an extra 2 for when you graduate to 7 ball joggling? Actually, I haven’t seen anyone do 7 ball joggling but Michal might be on his way. He reports that he’s recently “qualified” a run of 7 balls.

If you’d like to get in on the Buy 5 Gballz get 2 Free deal, all you have to do is become a Gballz Message board member.

**NOTE:  This offer expires on 2/15/08 so hurry up!  **

If you don’t know, in juggling parlance, “qualify” means that you made it two entire rotations of the pattern without dropping. So, to qualify 6-ball juggling you have to make 12 throws and catches. For 7-balls, it’s 14 throws and catches. For more juggling jargon see the IJDB Juggling FAQ. Incidentally, I am one of the Americans who take joggling seriously and don’t like it being referred to as a “gloried egg and spoon race”. It is much more challenging.

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  1. LOL! I think for most of us, the extra 2 would be to replace the ones we lost. Ya know, like down the gutter and stuff like that 🙂

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