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Can You Solve This Joggling Mystery?

The bean bags used to break the 50-mile joggling world record last weekend were 12 panel Dodeca Gballz. They are excellent for joggling because they are durable, don’t absorb water or odors, and are perfectly sized (at least for my hand).

But now they’ve raised a mystery. Can anyone tell me what could possibly be an explanation for the following pictures?

Here is what a new Gballz joggling bag looks like. Notice how nice and bright and shiny it is. This picture was taken in August of gballz joggling juggling ball

Now here is what the same bean bag looks like after joggling the Chicago marathon. Note it was incredibly hot that day and the bean bag got drenched in sweat and Gatorade.
gballz after joggling chicago marathon

Look at the strange red markings on the bean bag. This didn’t happen immediately after the marathon but showed up a day or two after. It showed up on all the bean bags to some extent but this one had the most. It wasn’t everywhere but just in certain spots. The red marking did not wash away. This picture was taken on October 10th, 2007.

Now, look at what the Gballz joggling bag looks like now. The red markings have mysteriously vanished. This is after they were used in the 50-mile ultra marathon. Again they got a little Gatorade and water on them but not nearly as much heat. This picture was taken on November 1, 2007.
jogglng 50 mile juggling bean bag

So, there you have it joggling fans. Do you have any idea what this strange red markings could be? Is it bacterial contamination? A message from God or the Flying Spaghetti Monster? What is it?

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  1. Did you leave the balls on some newspaper or paper with print on it. You know sometimes when you have a binder with photocopied paper on it and it transfers some of the text to the cover of the binder? It kinda looks like something like that. It’s far too localized to be bacteria I think. It would be all over the ball if it was. Just my two cents.

  2. My guess is you have picked up something from something it touched. Perhaps the lining of your bag when the balls were put away wet from Chicago? Then the stains get worn off as used.

  3. That stain looks exactly like the balls have been against a red plastic bag, or red vinyl with either heat or moisture contributing to the color transfer.

    Using them in the next event (more heat and moisture) removed the stain.

    We’ve seen this sort of thing happen all the time.

  4. That is without question the Virgin Mary herself in profile facing right. She is wearing the same headpiece and garb she wore while Jesus was dying for our sins. Fortunately for you, she disappeared before the Mexicans could start putting roses and candles in front of your ballz. 😉

    Too bad she doesn’t leave the underpass at Fullerton. =/

    I hear there’s a fine line between blasphemy and humor. I may have crossed it…

  5. Could this solor change be heat related? I am no scientist, but it kind of looks like a chemical change took place. Keep up the great work making people smile!

  6. Seems it’s usually the Virgin Mary who communicates in ways like this. Too bad I didn’t leave it like that as I could’ve made some money selling it on ebay.

    Brewmaster, maybe just a toe over the line. LOL!

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