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What Is Joggling All About?

Hello viewers of CBS Chicago News and welcome to Just Your Average Joggler.  It was almost as much fun participating in the story as it was setting the world record for the 50-mile ultramarathon.

If you want to read a recap of the whole 50-mile juggling World Record Feat, just click here.

If you are new to this site, here are 5 articles to get you going.  Read these and you’ll know what it’s alljuggling running toronto marathon about.

1.  What is Just Your Average Joggler?

2.  What is joggling?

3.  How do you juggle?

4.  Who is the Average Joggler?

5.  Where can you learn more about the Average Joggler?

6.  Are there other jogglers in the world?

7.  How fast do these jogglers run?

8.  What are the rules of joggling?

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